I am a woman who made mistakes in her past, and carried a suitcase filled with unhealthy emotions for many years. At one point in my life I didn't know how to truly love myself and I allowed others to misuse me. I stayed in a toxic relationship that was ungodly because I didn't know my worth. My worth was based on the opinions of others because no one ever told me how valuable I truly was. 

I carried this weighted suitcase with me everywhere I went unknowing I was inviting those with the same issues I had into my world. Oh, but one day, I Embraced my past, Emptied my suitcase filled with shame, resentment, guilt, hang-ups and hurt and traded it for a life filled with Passion and Purpose.

                     Patricia Shaw Author | Certified Life Coach | Speaker

                     Patricia Shaw
Author | Certified Life Coach | Speaker

Society tells women to think like a man and act like a woman, but that's not what God says. When I learned whose I was, I prepared myself to receive the blessing God planned for my life. I got in position and a few years later, my husband came along.
Here’s what I live by and it hasn’t failed me to date. Never take advice from someone who isn’t getting the results you want to experience. If you don’t like what you see in the life of the messenger, then it’s usually best to ignore their message.

I share my personal story in hopes of inspiring others to move from a place of pain to a position of PROMISE. 

When I Embraced the pain from my past, I Uncovered the Plan God had for my life and I NOW walk in the Promise He has for me!