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At the age of 41 I turned my life around and the keys I used to change my own life are the same keys I use to empower you to live your best life right NOW!

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My number one mission as a Lifestyle Transformation Coach is to move you from a negative space to a position of promise with the least resistance to you.

As your coach, I have excellent insight and I use it to empower you in breaking free from limiting beliefs that hold you hostage in areas in your life where a breakthrough is needed. I hold you accountable to the goals you set so you can make maximum headway into transitioning into the person you've always wanted to be.

My clients usually have an idea of what they want and some even know how they're going to get there, but they may be unclear on a few things or just overwhelmed. As a result of my coaching you will see clarity in your vision, a surge in your confidence, and commitment to accomplishing your goals like never before.

If we work together, my goal is to guide you through the right actions and save you time from executing the wrong actions.

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What Our Customers Say

Shane Melaugh

My vision is more active now. The lessons I learned when the enemy challenged me helped me recognize I came out from what the enemy was doing with a strong mental attitude, stronger in my convictions to my goals and visions and more faith. I think it's because I have a plan now and it's not only in my head it's a written plan. The bumps in the road are not going to deter me. I'm looking at the growth I've gone through which has gotten me in another position.

Tricia R. 

Shane Melaugh

I was unsure, nervous, and skeptical. My goal was to reduce my debt by 25% and I've already reduced it by 50% and before the year is out I will accomplish a life long dream. Writing my goals down caused me to move forward in action. I'm a happy person, but I wasn't excited. After working with Patricia, I got my excitement back and she has empowered me and I believe I can do anything!

Seburnia T.

Shane Melaugh

My mother and I prayed for God to connect me with someone to help me with my writing. It was a dream but is now a goal that I will accomplish. I have someone who believes in me other than my husband and Patricia's coaching has helped elevate my faith in my writing dreams. I'm bolder and more focused. My faith has been ignited in my dream of accomplishing my goal of writing a book.

Dorlene S. 

Shane Melaugh

By taking your coaching course God has been able to give you the anointing and leadership to allow me to become equipped in the way God needs me to be. I am learning the proper tools to become not only a goal setter but a goal getter! With your coaching course, I have been able to make vision known. It is clear and I have written it down for God's appointed time to manifest in m life. The course exercises make me challenge myself, and challenging myself makes me stronger. So keep up the good work my Sister. I pray the Lord continue blessing you, that you may continue blessing others as you have blessed me. God Bless.

Marilyn R. 

Get the Amazing Life You’ve Always Wanted


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